“When we travel, our minds open to so many strands, we learn to respect each other more,” says Stelaporai

Traveling abroad is a dream for many young people. Stela, like many other brave ones, left her work and left for Europe in search of new adventures. Of course, during these two years of experience, she had to face many obstacles wherever she went, but now she has become an official collector of thousands of incredible and unforgettable experiences.

Shortly after her 7 sabbatical months in Europe, where she had the opportunity to visit more than 10 countries, she felt that it was not yet time for the definitive return to Brazil, and so ended up going to live in Ireland. Throughout her adventure, to record her moments, Stela did not waste time and created the page in Instagram called @Stelaporai that already has more than 40 thousand followers.

Stela in Temple Bar, one of the most famous regions in Dublin
Stela in Temple Bar, one of the most famous regions in Dublin.

As in life, things happen fast, after eight months she was offered with the opportunity to work in Malta. Even having embraced the opportunity, a few months living there were enough to decide that, in fact, Ireland is her new ‘ Home Sweet Home’. And that’s how she returned to the Emerald Isle to write new chapters of this adventure.
What this young Brazilian woman comes to seek in Ireland again is the question that her followers want an answer for. So, what brings @Stelaporai here again?

Yes Ireland: Stela, what motivated you to give up your career and pursue the dream of living abroad? And, why Ireland again?

@Stelaporai: I had a personal project that did not work out. I was experiencing a time of dissatisfaction in my life. I always found my safe haven and mental clarity in travel. So, I had this money for the project, I got my bags and I went to travel. I took a sabbatical, there were 7 months of travel, 10 countries. And then when I returned to Brazil, I felt in my heart that it was not yet time for me to return to the country. Then I thought that I needed to improve my English and maybe to do a master’s degree or a course in higher education. That’s when I decided to go abroad.

Personnel file: Stela in Tivat, Montenegro

YI: What were the obstacles you faced in making your decision? Was it very difficult to tell your family and friends that you would leave them behind?

@Stelaporai. We think a lot about the family, think that something can happen since we are far away, this is complicated yes, but when you take the whole, it is very worthwhile. It also has the obstacle of talking to friends and family about my decision. I was 27 when I decided to go to the world. To tell all the people that I was stopping my career as a lawyer to live outside the country, my friends even tried an intervention to try to understand why I was making that decision.

Personnel file: Stela at her parents' house in Belo Horizonte, Brasil.
Personnel file: Stela at her parents’ house with her dog Amora in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

YI: In these two years of experience as Stelaporaí, what did you like best?

@Stelaporai: This question is very difficult to answer, because I liked quite a lot. I think so much of cultures that I found on the way, breaking my own barriers, my own paradigms, because when you travel alone, you travel in search of something out of the country, it is a break of taboos every day because you are experiencing a new culture and you have to adapt to this new culture, you have no other way to survive.

Personnel file: Stela with her girlfriends in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

YI: What were the funniest, toughest or most unusual jobs you had to do?

@Stelaporai: When I started my travels, I exchanged work for lodging and food. I worked in hostels, hostels, at the reception […] In Ireland, I did not get to have a strange job, but I managed a house to have a discount on accommodation. My first job in Ireland was at a juice and smoothie shop. The funny thing is the experience. For example, in this place that I sold juice, I had a glass that I called the Happiness Cup. Every time there were leftovers of juice, instead of throwing them away, they put on the Happiness Cup for me to drink. Then I got fat (she mocks).

Personnel file: Stela working at a juice shop in Dublin, Ireland.

YI: What are the values ​​that someone gains when living abroad?

@Stelaporai: It’s an absurd growth. I usually say that we have a closed mind, but when we travel, the mind opens to so many strands, we learn to respect the other more. We value the simplest things. For example, the first time I moved house and had a face towel in the bathroom I was amazed. These are small daily achievements that make you move forward. It’s amazing I look today and see the Stela I was before and the Stela that I became after 2 years in Europe.

Personnel file: Stela in Malta.
Personnel file: Stela in Sliema, Malta.

YI: Talking about so many changes in your personality, which Stela do you like best? From before or after?

@Stelaporai: It’s nostalgic to think of Stela from before because she was a person who had a lot of thirst to discover what the world had to offer and I’m very happy today to have become that person, but at the same time I prefer to be who I am today, with all that I have learned. These last two years have turned my life upside down, maturity beats in a way that we do not expect. I was a girl at age 27, and today at age 30, I feel like a woman.

Personnel file: Stela in Saravejo, Bosnia.

YI: Your experience so far has been incredible. Now what we all want to know is what you are going to do from now on. What are the plans in Ireland?

@Stelaporai: My biggest goal now is to help bring other people here. I help with my Instagram, with my work. It’s something I love because it’s really amazing. I’m applying for a Masters because I really want to qualify in the country I found my home now. It’s my new home.


Personnel file: Stela in Rome, Italy.
Personnel file: Stela in Rome, Italy.



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