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One of the objectives that we set at the beginning of the year was to develop interesting activities to complement our students’ training. We know that looking for a job in Ireland is one of their most important concerns; therefore, over the past few months we have been organising workshops related to this subject.

In February, we held a workshop about work in Ireland to give our students all the information they need about how to find a job in this country. In addition, last week during our second workshop, the information we gave was more focused on the hospitality sector in Ireland.

In both seminars, the lecturers tried to give some advice on how to pass the interviews that will allow you to get the job you want. In this article we summarise the six key points to be able to pass an interview successfully!

1 – Keep your cell phone close to you and with sound turned up and vibration on at all times

Before the interview, the employer will surely call you to ask some questions about yourself and tell you the details about when and where will be the interview. Always have your mobile phone near to you so you don’t miss the call, because in many companies’ employers will pass to the next candidate if you don’t respond immediately. Do not let that happen!
In addition, never ask a friend with better English than you to talk for you. Never! You always need to be honest, and anyway they would realise about your real level when they meet you in the interview. So why tell lies? If your English level is not very good, don’t be afraid to ask the employer to talk a bit slower or to send you the details of the interview by email.

2 – Do research the company

It really makes a difference that you show an interest in the company you want to work with. To do so, do some research on the Internet about them, trying to find useful information that can help you, such as if the company has been awarded any prizes; if they have had any popular event or been visited by some important public figure. They will like the fact that you have been spending your time in looking up information about them because that means you are every interested in the role.

3 – Search the most common interview questions and study your answers

One of students’ main concerns before facing an interview is what kind of questions they will have to answer. Internet becomes, again, your ally to get an idea about the questions they will ask you, because with a little research you can find the most common questions that employers ask, for instance “why the company should hire you?” or “what are your strongest skills?”.

Furthermore, a good suggestion is to memorise some answers and study a little bit the interview, especially if your English level is not very good. I am not talking only about the most commons questions of an interview, but also the information about you. You need to be able to explain all the details about yourself, your education and work experience; and to do that perfectly you need to practice! You can train in front of a mirror a few days before the interview and you’ll see you will rock it!

4 – Dress properly, accordingly to the position of the role

It doesn’t matter what kind of job you are applying for, you always have to be dressed presentably. You need to choose a nice outfit that shows you are a professional person; and also, it needs to match the role you are applying for. To meet both these requirements, try to choose sober colours that do not attract attention, such as blacks, whites or greys. In the case of the boys, avoid wearing informal caps, and if you have a beard make sure it is well groomed. For girls avoid provocative or inappropriate clothing.

5- Knowledge adds, but attitude multiplies


When you are applying for a role like waiter, room attendant, barista or something similar, employers will see that you are not from Ireland and your English level can be a barrier. However, most of the time to show attitude is better than having a high level of English. If you demonstrate you are interested in the job, you are willing to learn, you are confident, with a permanent smile on your face and a nice attitude, that’s much important than having perfect English.

6 – Ask questions and show interest in the role

Don’t be apprehensive to ask more questions about the position, even if you think they have already told you. If this is probably going to be your new job, so you need to be 100% sure about everything. In addition, it is a very common mistake to ask directly about the possibility to change the role in the near future. Don’t do that on the day of the interview! They need to see that you are interested in the position and you are going to be the best person for it! If you want to change position to a better one you need first to show you deserve it.


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