Survival tips to enjoy the winter in Dublin

Summer is over, the days are getting darker and the most feared season for students who are coming to Ireland or already live here is getting closer: winter. Because many of us are from warm, sunny and tropical countries, winter can be a very delicate time for us. We are not so used to the freezing cold and this can end up “discouraging” us from going out to enjoy all the corners of Dublin.

So we are here to give you unfailing tips from those who have experienced (and perhaps suffered a little) from the cold of the Irish winter. Shall we?

Tip 1 – Read the article “Cold is not an excuse: things you can do in Dublin during the winter”

In this article, we give wonderful tips of places all over Dublin that you can visit on cold and rainy days. From restaurants to museums, Dublin has a number of indoor attractions, many of them for free, that you can enjoy and stay warm, which is very important. The secret is always trying to find and discover a new place!

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Tip 2 – Keep calm and buy a good coat

By Thyago Duarte, from Brazil

Thyago is from Bahia and he’s very used to the heat at this time of year. He came to Dublin in November last year and faced a very harsh winter just after landing in Dublin. “My tip for you that is coming to Ireland is to buy a good sweater. Ever since I arrived, I’ve always cycled in Dublin and at first, my lips started to crack and my hands froze. When I started wearing a good coat, gloves, cap and lip balm my life changed. It may sound silly and even very basic, but feeling warm changes your mood and your desire to go out”, he said.

Tip 3 – Enjoy activities that can only be done at this time of year

By Teresa Godoi, from Brazil

“Ice skating, going out to see the Christmas decoration around the city was what helped me enjoy the winter when I arrived. I’ve always watched snow-covered Christmas movies, and last winter I could see it all up-close! Participating in activities that are only possible at this time of year was an incentive to leave home and enjoy the city”, says Teresa.

Tip 4 – Do things that give you pleasure

By Maria Angeles, from Chile

Maria Angeles is Chilean and although she is more accustomed to the cold weather, she says she suffered a little until be fully adjusted to the Irish winter. “I’ve been here for over a year and for me, winter is the hardest time. To ward off that urge to stay in bed all day long, you need to go to places or participate in activities that give you a lot of pleasure. It helped me a lot! It may sound simple, but I love watching movies and visiting new libraries. So, whenever I could I was going to the cinema or public libraries around here”. A good side of these two activities is that both can be done in warm places, which is an advantage. But if you enjoy cycling, running or any other activity or hobby that gives you pleasure try to beat the cold and do it that will surely help you a lot!

Tip 5 – Take part in different activities

By Catalina Arca, from Argentina

El Anillo de Kerry, tachado de mi lista de viaje.

Catalina comes from Argentina and said that to overcome that laziness of leaving her bed, she had to look for different activities. “Especially, the activities proposed by the school helped me a lot to know different places in Ireland, to enjoy some of the daylight, as it gets dark so early during the fall and winter. The activities give you a fresh look at Dublin and Ireland, as well as meeting new people from your own school”, he says.

Tip 6 – Enjoy the winter sales

By Rocio Solis, from Costa Rica

Even though it’s freezing cold, Rocio is eager for the winter for a simple reason: winter sales! At this time of the year, especially after Christmas, most of the shopping centers and stores start to announce their sales and let me tell you something, you’ll be able to find things with huge discounts. As for Rocio, she believes that’s the best time of the year to buy things that you have kept an eye all year long!

Tip 7 – If you can’t beat the enemy, join him!

By Tania Valdez, from Mexico

All along with this post, we offered tips on how you will be able to enjoy Ireland even with cold and often rainy weather. But for Tania, this is not synonymous of a bad day. On the contrary, Ireland provides the perfect mood for her to do what she likes best: stay in the coziness of her room and watch a good movie. According to her, “the coldest days are the best from my point of view. What may seem boring to some is pure fun for me! I love to enjoy a day at home in my bedroom and spent all day doing a movie or series marathon. This is a perfect day for me!” So if you can’t beat the cold and, like Tania, enjoy a beautiful Netflix marathon, this tip is for you.


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  1. Thanks for these amazing tips for the winter season, I have some health issues in this particular season. I hope I will get rid of these.
    Good blog post, by the way.

    1. Hi Alexa, thanks for your comment! We appreciat that our articles are useful somehow! Have a lovely winter 😀 (and year 2020)!

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