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February is the month of love! In this month several couples celebrate the most romantic day of the year. But it is wrong to think that Valentine’s Day should only be celebrated by conventional romantic couples! A famous singer of Brazilian popular music (MPB), Lulu Santos, says in one of his songs: “we consider fair every form of love” and that is what we believe. Valentine’s day, or rather, the day of love, can and should be celebrated by all those who establish love bonds with each other, be they a couple of lovers, brothers or even friends, why not?

That’s why on this Valentine’s Day we interviewed three types of couples: a married couple, a couple of brothers and a couple of friends, all residing in Dublin. All of them have a relationship based on love, care and togetherness, and that’s why I invite you to check out each of their stories, their challenges and achievements since their arrival in Ireland and how the experience of working and studying in Dublin has contributed to their relationship.

Thyago and Amanda – together since 2017

She is from Recife and he is from Salvador. This mixture of heat and beach had to work very well, didn’t it? The two met while working for the same company, both in their respective cities. What started with a friendship based on a passion for football turned into dating, taking the two lovebirds to the altar a month before coming to Dublin. “Coming to Ireland was practically our honeymoon,” says Thyago.

Upon arriving on the island the couple’s greatest difficulty was the cold climate. “You can imagine: two Northeasterners, used to the heat all year … of course we would suffer,” says Amanda. She adds that “over time, we started to get used to it, wear the right clothes and feel more at ease.”

Regarding how they see themselves now, after almost 1 year and a half of exchange, the answer is unanimous between the two: “our partnership and togetherness have only increased”, they say. “Studying and living abroad has enhanced everything. Because we are far from our family and friends, we ended up spending a lot more time together. So, I have her and she has me. And that’s what has made our relationship better, going to another level of admiration, affection and love ” concludes Thyago.

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Cesar and Cristian – together since 1992

Who among us never fought with their brother during childhood (or even as adults, in some cases …)? Well, this is the case of the Chilean twin brothers Cristian and Cesar. In addition to being identical, the brothers assert that they have very similar personalities and that is why Cristian says: “our relationship is very peaceful. Because we are twins, we have a different connection from that between ‘common brothers’.

According to the brothers, the support and partnership in the pair are constant and that is what has guaranteed the success of their visits and stays in Dublin. “If I need anything, I have my brother and he has me, always. We have each other’s back”, they say. For them, the decision to come was mutual: they both wanted to live this experience, and “no one better than the person who accompanied me the most and knows to come with me on this journey”, says Cesar.

The twins still emphasize that they do not “get tired” of each other’s company. “It wasn’t a problem for us to have to share a room. We’ve done this before. Even when I think of a companion to travel with or do anything else, my brother is the person who comes to mind, every time .” Cristian guarantees.

“Living abroad with my brother is a unique and wonderful experience. He knows me, we are very transparent, we have very similar thoughts and that makes it easy on a daily basis. With him, I never feel alone ”, concludes Cristian.

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Macarena and José Emílio – together since 2016

Do you have a friend who had become almost or more than a sibling? This is the case of Macarena and José Emílio. The friendship that began at the College of International Relations, brought the two Paraguayans to Ireland to experience another adventure together. According to Macarena, the support and company of her friend are essential in her daily life here. “I am very attached to my family, so I miss them very much. And I know that without Emílio’s help it would be much more difficult to get through this. ” She says.

For José Emílio, coming to Dublin and being able to share incredible experiences with his friend is indescribable. “We came to Ireland to open up our horizons and perspectives. To have a different view of the world and also to develop ourselves. Having the opportunity to do all this with a great friend is priceless. The whole experience, for sure, has made us even closer and we have become partners.” He concludes.

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