Ireland, the paradise of music festivals

Text: Luna Rieu

There is a phrase in English that says: ‘I want to live at a music festival forever’… and it’s true! Because going to music festivals is great! There are two things that, without any doubt, all students should do once in their lives.

The first is travel as much as possible to experience new cultures, peoples and languages. And the second one is go to a show and immerse yourself in the experience of a music or art festival.

But, what exactly are they? This king of events is when people attend many concerts over many days, usually featuring the same kind of music, meet new people and dance like crazy, as well as engaging in other activities.

What a way to practice your English, meet new people and make new memories to cherish for the rest of your life! Have you ever been to one of them? If not or if you want to repeat the experience, you MUST know Ireland is world famous for its popular festivals.

There are many of all different kinds, but we are going to give you the best 8 festivals to go to:

1-The Festival of Curiosity 

2- Music, CD & Record Fair

3-Love Sensation

4- Photo Ireland Festival

5- Rush Harbour Festival

6- All Together Now

7- Beatyard

8- Galway Arts Festival


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