How to save money while Living in Ireland with a student budget

How to save money during your study abroad

Studying abroad is one of the main goals of people who want to improve their English and go further both personally and professionally. To make this happen, you have to organise all the steps of the journey to make sure everything will happen as planned.
The number one concern is money. Students on long-term courses (33-week visa) can work legally in Ireland for 20h per week during most part of the year and 40h per week from June to September and from 15/12 to 15/01. However you have to be prepared to have enough money to sustain you while you’re searching for a job.

1. Food

Food forms a large part of everyone’s budget. Sometimes, the student is leaving home for the first time and has never cooked before. For that reason, eating in restaurants is the easiest option. However, this can also be the most expensive. Preparing your own food can help you to save a lot of money! Buy the ingredients at a supermarket and try to explore your culinary skills! You can find a new passion and of course, have more money to spend on other stuff.

2. Public Transport

Dublin is known for its flat and easy-to-walk streets. You can visit a lot of attractions by just walking and, of course, save a lot of money. Public transport in Dublin is excellent and it can save you on a really rainy day. But if you walk everyday from home to school and vice-versa, you can discover new places and explore the city in a way you are not able to if you use bus every day. Another good option is to buy a bike. Dublin is a bike-friendly city and you can reach everything in minutes and without spending money.

3. Entertainment

Entertainment is a very important part of the whole study abroad experience. You have an entire new city in front of you; pubs, castles, museums, nightclubs… of course you want to enjoy (and you must!). However, if you organise it properly, you can do most of this stuff for free. Many of dublin’s museums are free and the ones you have to pay into are usually free once in a month, you just need to check dates and availability. Most nightclubs are also free until a certain time so why don’t you leave home earlier and save your ticket money?

You can have a fulfilling experience during your time in Dublin without spending much money. You just have to be organised.

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