Halloween in Dublin and how to celebrate

I know we have already told you this in other articles, but if you still do not know, it is something you have to know before reading this article… Halloween is one of the most important celebrations in Ireland; in fact, it is just as important as St. Patrick’s Day.

And this is because its origins come from an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain, which was celebrated at the end of the harvest season to begin the Celtic New Year. It was believed that on the eve of new year, the souls of the dead, ghosts, goblins and witches returned to walk among the living and that is why they wore masks, suits and lit bonfires to scare away evil spirits.

So, in Ireland it is celebrated with more enthusiasm than in the rest of the world. And in Dublin, although there is always a party atmosphere, during Halloween the city has a special spirit. Pumpkins, candles and spider webs adorn every corner of the city and, of course, there are Halloween parties everywhere.

But besides parties, in Dublin you will find endless options to celebrate it, because if you are in the land where this famous tradition was born, you can do nothing more than enjoy the activities that the Irish capital has for you. Here are some suggestions. Take note.


Bram Stoker Festival

Did you know that the author of Dracula was born in Clontarf, Ireland? Abraham “Bram” Stoker, was an Irish writer and although he moved to London before writing his most famous work, in Dublin he is commemorated with a festival in his name, the “Bram Stoker Festival”. During the week of Halloween, the festival offers 4 days with different activities, from Horror movies to creepy family events. While most of the festival’s activities are free, there are also some paid ones, so you’ll have to be quick to buy tickets, especially for events at Dublin Castle, which have become surprisingly popular in recent years.

Samhain Festival

Celebrating the ancient origins of Halloween, this festival will immerse you in the authentic experience of this tradition, from pumpkin carving and spooky creative workshops, to traditional games, where you will have lots of spooky fun with lots of characters like Banshee, Die, some naughty Fairies and the Púca.

The Samhain Festival also brings back tales of traditional ghosts and inspires new generations to unleash their inner Seanchai (narrator) with a competition of Samhain stories and gruesome tales from Ireland’s most famous narrator, Eddie Lenihan.

Púca Festival

The Púca festival returns to its Celtic roots at Halloween with three days of music, art and culture that will leave you chillingly full of adventures. This is because not only DJ`s and musicians will be present in this experience, but also the history of this tradition since its inception.

Starting with a symbolic recreation of Samhain’s fires near Ward Hill in Athboy. A Samhain procession takes place on Halloween night in Trim, with the city castle providing a suitably dramatic backdrop for various events. And the Púca Food and Craft Market, with a definite nod to the Harvest theme, also exhibits local producers on the grounds of Trim Castle.

Night walks

Hellfire Halloween walks

This tour takes you from the centre of Dublin city, by bus, to Hellfire Club, an ancient ruin of the 18th century, where a dark society was gathered in which there were all kinds of pagan and blasphemous rituals.

Many people have expressed a sense of discomfort at strange things in the place, and old stories tell that the devil himself app in the place. This tour is done by a guide that provides information and historical fragments of the club. It is an experience for adults only.

Walk the Haunted Dublin

In this activity you will walk through the city discovering the most haunted places and the most frightening local stories using an application, that’s right, you read that right.

It consists specifically of walking along a path of restless souls and cursed buildings, full of stories of the damned. You will travel from one place to another using the step-by-step instructions in the Questo appl and you will have to find hidden objects that unlock scary stories about those places. The price is 15€ .

Family parties and events

Everything is party and celebrations in Dublin during Halloween night. People of all ages and sexes dress up to go out and have fun around the city. And there are many parties, so any bar is good to celebrate the night of the witches and the dead, but of course there are always specific parties to highlight, such as…

Halloween Roller Disco

This is a party for the whole family as it is alcohol free, as well as being the only roller skating rink in Dublin. It is a big event for more than 2,000 people and rewards those who arrive in the best costume.

Tickets for this event cost only 10€ per person (including skate rental) and it takes place on October 31st, starting at 8 P.M.

The 90s Halloween Party

Prepare your retro outfit this Halloween, this is because in The Workman’s Club there is a macabre party dedicated to the 90s. Where a playlist will sound from Britney, Beastie Boys, Shaggy, Peter Andre and more. And the entrance costs from 5€ .

The Addams Family Halloween Dinner

This is an interactive, spooky and culinary dining experience. It is held at the Pillo Hotel & Spa Ashbourne, on October 30 and 31 and the prices ​​range from 17.50€ to 37.50€ .

There will be Morticia, Gómez, Fester and Lurch waiting to meet you and welcome you in their house, where they will prepare dinner for you, but be careful that nothing is what it seems. Costume is optional.


 Visit Museums and Fairs

Dracula Castle Museum

In this experience you can enjoy a tour through the heart of Dracula’s castle in Dublin, meet the incredible characters of this story and then have the opportunity to visit the only ‘Dracula Vampire Museum of Bram Stoker’ in the world.

You will also enjoy a hilarious vampire show in the only cemetery theatre in the world. So, it is a unique Irish attraction that you should not miss.

St Michan’s Church

Speaking of Dracula, we could not leave behind the place that served as inspiration for the creation of the count.

The Church of St. Michan is located in Dublin 7 and is considered one of the most chilling places in the country. It was built in 1095, with vaults full of remarkably preserved bodies, including the brothers and leaders of the Irish rebellion of 1798, John and Henry Sheares. Therefore yes, you will walk among the dead, are you brave enough to enter? If you dare, prices range from 5€ .

Horror Expo Ireland

Located in the Freemasons Hall of Dublin, Horror Expo Ireland offers you an immersive experience of audiovisual samples captured in various paranormal investigations, audience members not only have the opportunity to interact in the cases, but also have the opportunity to learn for themselves how these instruments and devices work.

There are also storytellers, Gothic art, dark eroticism and terror-themed manifestations, so be careful, it is not suitable for sensitive people. The value is 15€ .



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