Free for a Friday night?

If you are looking for a good time, Dublin is the place with a cheerful nightlife culture, defined by pubs and traditional Irish music. There’s no shortage of ways to have fun after dark in this energetic city. So if you are wondering what to do on a Friday night in Dublin, let me give you some advice.

First stop, Temple Bar

It’s definitely an area that you should see with your own eyes. With a vast concentration of traditional Irish pubs as you’d expect in a city that is fast becoming one of the most popular weekend destinations in Europe. It’s an area where you will surely find many different nationalities and of course a lot of Irish History as its home to some of Dublin’s oldest pubs.

Temple Bar is the most popular tourist area in Ireland. That’s a loaded description but, positive or negative, it certainly has some truth when it comes to the Bar with the same name as the famous area in which it resides. There you’ll find food, drink, a beer garden, live music, craft beer, a massive whiskey collection and even snuff behind the bar. Drop into the Brazen Head which was founded in 1198. It was here that Dave Browne set the record for the longest live guitar session in 2011. Close by, we have The Foggy Dew, where you can hear different types of live music, the highlight of which or many visitors are the Sunday folk sessions. These sessions feature many fine Irish musicians who play traditional melodies and encourage the audience to participate.

Second stop, Grafton Street and George’s Street

Apart from Temple Bar, there is Grafton Street and George’s Street area. The blocks between them are full of bars, restaurants, and clubs which offer you good food and great music, everything from electronic to pop music. For example, on South William Street you can go to Dakota, a modern bar that offers a gorgeous food menu with salads, meats, and seafood; something for all tastes. Walking to Fade Street you’ll come across a pub that has no name. It isn’t a joke (believe it or not) the name of the place is “The Bar with no name”.

Last Stop, Wexford Street and Camden Street

Last but not least, we have Wexford Street and Camden Street which contains a huge number of pubs all with different styles. This section of Dublin is perhaps the most vibrant in the city. It’s the place where many natives, young or old, will head towards on a night out in Dublin. Pubs such as The Bleeding Horse, a spacious bar that is great for large groups and always has loads on including bands, DJs and plenty of large-screen TVs. So if you are in the mood to watch a game that’s definitely the place. Whelans and The Village lie side by side and offer live music and DJs respectively. If you are into alternative venues, The Bernard Shaw is the perfect spot to find that bohemian vibe. They also serve homemade pizza and a few different beers if that’s the sort of thing you still go to a bar for.

Okay, let’s take a breath. We could spend hours talking about all the places that Dublin offers. But you know what? The best idea is to go for a walk and find out for yourself the best spot(s) for a Friday night in Dublin. Maybe you can share some good tips with us for our next post, deal?


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