Fears of moving abroad that you must definitely overcome

Fear is often the biggest obstacle to fulfilling our dreams. We care so much about the bad experiences of others that sometimes we cloud the sky of opportunities that surround us to fulfill what we want. As our fears increase we forget those dreams that made us believe when we were children. But all is not lost, do not think that fear and insecurity is insurmountable. You just have to start with one small step; listen to yourself.

By learning to listen, you can find yourself again and rediscover what you like and what you don’t. This will make your ideas clear and you’ll learn to downplay those unfounded fears, often imposed by society or by ourselves.

I can’t tell you how to live your life- nobody can. But maybe having some examples and ideas of how powerful your mind is can help you to fight for what you want. That’s why, in this article, I will mention some fears that the idea of living abroad can involve and how you can beat them.


1.- Fear of a New Language

One of the main fears, especially when you want to go to live in a new country with a language other than yours, is not understanding; not being able to express yourself and be understood. Let me tell you that it is completely normal for you to feel that insecurity because we are human and we need to communicate. However, for this exact reason, our instinct to interact with others is stronger than you think and although you will not have a fluid conversation the first few days, you will realize how little by little you are finding a way to express yourself and understand. Don’t forget that non-verbal communication also exists and is sometimes more useful than you think.

So, don’t see the new language as a limitation, it is better to see it as a great opportunity because it is. It is the opportunity to learn something new, to discover new skills, to demand more of yourself and to show yourself that nothing can obstruct you and your desire to discover the world.

Step by step you will be perfecting everything you need, you just need to dare, to try and then the ‘how’ and ‘when’ will appear- with perseverance and effort, everything will be easier.


2.- To live alone away from home

For many, leaving home is one of the most terrible parts of going away; leaving family and friends is not easy and fear overcomes their desire to discover the world. And it is normal and understandable, but something as beautiful as affection cannot tear up our plans; if we are not happy with what we are and want, we cannot lose our surroundings, because we are not being true to ourselves.

Therefore, a good step to deal with that fear of being away from those we love is to know what we really want. Maybe we don’t want to be far away and it’s ok, it’s your choice, but if you feel incomplete even being close to those you love, you must think about all the possibilities that are beyond and that perhaps one of them is the one that makes you feel much better.

Such an important choice will not only benefit us but our environment. I know that it is not something easy to understand, because we often confuse wanting to follow our own path with being selfish. But it is not, in fact, it is an act of love to also feel satisfied with yourself because if you are not, the frustration will also affect the people who you love- and if the message is clear and you do not hear it, there are likely to be negative consequences for yourself and your world. Do not let this happen, if your true path is carrying you out of your comfort zone, listen to it. There is a reason for it and again I mention the importance of listening to yourself and understanding, before anything else.

Dare to fly if it is what you want, be yourself and enjoy it.


3.- Failure

Another limitation to fighting for what we want is the fear of not fulfilling our expectations, a “failure.” And of course, for some people it is much easier, not to try, because someone said that if you do not try you do not fail, but you forget the failure that already means not trying. Dealing with failure is not only for “brave” ones, it is for all those who overcome fear and risk some things. Those who expect something better than they have today will enjoy many possibilities, not just the one you think is for you.

Frustrating you before trying does not help at all, but trying and learning from the process will always give you something new and will bring you closer to what you want to achieve.


4.- Homesick

This is a fear that will happen inevitably, you cannot, nor should you avoid missing your people, because the ties as strong and important as those you have with your family and friends are indestructible even for the distance. Therefore the only thing you can do it is to live it, but not to turn it into something negative because it is normal for you to miss and feel guilty sometimes of missing great moments like birthdays, weddings, graduations, see how your nephews grow, etc. There are many ways to show them how much you love them and that despite the distance you are with them more than ever, so take advantage of this too, being away from them allows you to see what you never saw from them and show your love in wonderful ways, in this and other things, of course, distance can be your ally.

On the other hand, social networks are a great help to feel closer to yours and share your experiences with them.


5.- The new things

This is one of the strongest fears that many people feel before going on the flight, others on the other hand (like me), love the unknown. As always, in all our decisions our personality will influence us, but this never has to limit us. Quite the opposite, it always has to be a contribution to what we hope to achieve, that is why we have to find our goal and the way in which suits us best.

To prepare yourself mentally, look at the options that best suit you, start clarifying your ideas and write down all those worries that may be in your head. And then calmly try to solve them one by one. Do not think that you are the only one who is going for something new, because maybe it is something new for you, but many people have already done it before. So you will not go anywhere blindly, there is always information that will help you. You just have to be ready.

It may take some time for some people to organize and to leave everything in order before venturing, while others will fly without thinking beyond, but both ways are valid if you are being true to yourself. The important thing is to find your balance; do not be overwhelmed because of the fear of new things- if that fear exists it is because you allow it. Just go ahead and take advantage of it, you will see that more than one surprise awaits you by discovering the world.


As we know, we only have one life, but we can have many dreams. Do not let the fears of others or their bad experiences limit yours, dare to be you, learn to live your life to the fullest and you will see that you will regret little or nothing when you look back on everything you achieved.



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