Everything you need to know if you come in couple to Dublin

Ah…love! The strongest feeling capable of gathering two persons together for an unique purpose, whether it be: build or buy a new house, constitute a family and even change all the course of your lives to have a completely new and challenging experience as an exchange.

This is the case of Jonathan and Lucas and also of Ronald and Ana Lucia. Here, we’re going to tell you about them as a couple, why they came to Ireland and how it has been their experience within an couple’s exchange.

Jonathan and Lucas are from Brazil and have been together for almost two years. According to them, the desire of living an experience abroad has always been present in both of them, even before they meet each other. “Since my childhood I’ve always had the dream of traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures, but I’ve never had the courage to do it by myself”, say Lucas. He explains that this dream was asleep until he met Jonathan. “He’d already close his exchange to Ireland even before we start dating, it was then that I decided to hop on and join him.

On the other hand, Ronald and Ana, who came from Costa Rica and have been together for eight years, the decision of go for an adventure was something came up when both of them realised that they need a professional improvement. “I had to get my English improved if I wanted  to get a better job in Costa Rica, and she had her own reasons to come as well , but it  wasn’t a couple thing, we didn’t planned everything together”, he explains.

Planning the trip

Having planned the whole adventure together or not, do an exchange in couple has your benefits. The most important, according to Ronald, is couple’s partnership. “We support each other. We travel together, we live together, we do everything together, so we never feel alone”, he tells. For Jonathan, mutual support is also an excellent benefit: “when you’re apart from our country, family and friends that we’re used to, having someone that you can count with and that gives you support every day is the best thing in the world”.


But, as in any relationship, embark in an exchange has also problems difficulties. About this, Lucas explains that “because we’re living together, is like we’re having a married life. We start to know each other in a much bigger scale and we start to discover many things that we weren’t able to see before. But I really don’t see this as a bad thing. It’s hard, but not bad. I have been learning a lot from him”. In Ronald’s case that main difficulties are managing the anxieties of finding a job, a good place to live, keep improving his English and still be dedicated to the relationship.


When describing how is being their experience in a general way here, their reply is precise and short: really pleasant. For Lucas and Jonathan, “without any doubts, this has been the most wonderful experience that we ever had in our lives. And, being able to see our personal and professional development is one of ours biggest pleasures”. And, according to Ronald, “even though we came here recently and we still don’t have any big story to tell, the whole experience has been quite amazing”.

Next steps

And when we ask them about the following steps, the answer is unanimous: keep developing themselves in the personal and professional areas and TRAVEL A LOT. “Travel, travel and travel, for sure.  But also, improve my English and my professional skills”, say Lucas. Ronald affirms that the couple’s main goal is “work, keep learning the language and travel around Europe”.


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