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Dublin is a gorgeous cosmopolitan city, we all know that and we love it. It is well known for its famous pubs and what is called ‘the craic’, for its vibrant music, that you can hear wherever you go; and its unique culture, that you can almost feel in the air.

However, sometimes we need fresh air and to walk away from the stress and the noise of urban areas. Fortunately, beautiful Dublin is also a green city and you can find a lot of green areas where you can enjoy a picnic with your friends (when the weather is favourable) or just have a nice walk in nature.

Because everything in Ireland is green!

Phoenix Park

The Phoenix Park is not only the largest enclosed public park in Europe, but also a magical place full of wildlife and endless green esplanades. It has been open to the public since 1747 and it is bigger than Central Park in New York, and Hyde Park in London!
In its depths we can find a herd of wild deer, always happy to see new people because they literally run towards you when they see you! Furthermore, the park is also home to the Zoological Gardens, one of the most popular attractions in Dublin, and the Victorian People’s Flower Gardens, a nice area created to demonstrate the beauty of Victorian horticulture.

In addition, this huge park with his 707 hectares, allows the practice of a lot of sports with prepared areas for rugby, polo, cricket, hurling and special paths for walking, cycling and even horse riding.
How to get there: located 3km away from Dublin city centre, there are a few ways to arrive there very fast and easily. You can go by bus taking the bus route numbers 25 and 26, by Luas using the Red Line and getting off at either the Museum or Heuston Station stop, or cycling from city centre which takes just 20-25 min.

St. Stephen’s Green Park

Located in Dublin city centre, just at the end of Grafton Street, St. Stephen´s Green Park and its 9 hectares offers a close alternative to relax in a natural environment. It was re-opened in 1880 and it maintains its original Victorian style.
This historical park hides many sculptural monuments about Irish history and in its centre we can find a nice lake that is fed by the waters that come from the Grand Canal in Portobello. Like Phoenix Park, it is full of life but, instead of deer, among its trees we can find a great variety of birds and plants that also call the park their home.

St Stephen’s Green Park | The Office of Public Works

How to get there?

Being located in city centre, it is very easy to get there, and in many different ways. It all depends on where you come from. Several number of buses stop near St Stephen’s Green Park (check Dublin Bus website). Also, you can take the Luas Green Line and get out at the St Stephen’s Green stop.

National Botanic Garden

A world of different plants, flowers and trees are served in this special place located only 3km from the city centre. You absolutely have to visit it if you haven’t been already! The botanic garden was created in 1795 by The Royal Dublin Society and it extends 19,5 hectares.

The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland – Sunflowers

The entry is totally free and inside its doors you can find more than 15,000 plant species from all over the world. In addition, its delicate but tremendous glasshouses, like the Great Palm House, harbour a unique space that make you feel that you are in another part of the world.

How to get there?

It is located just 3.5 km away from north Dublin city centre and you can get there by bus, taking the 4, 9 or 83 bus route or by bike it can be reached in around 18 minutes.


The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

Irish National War Memorial Gardens

This park is not only an oasis of calm and beauty but also a place of remembrance for the 49,400 Irish soldiers who died in World War 1 (1914 – 1918) Surrounding the main stone altar and overlooking the River Liffey, the park offers gorgeous foliage made up of rose gardens and planted trees and it can be visited at any time of the year. It is perfect for a nice walk, a delicious picnic by the river or a pleasant jog.

War Memorial Gardens, Islandbridge, Dublin City, Dublin, Ireland.


How to get there: located at South Circular Rd, Islandbridge, you can get there by bus taking the 51, 68 and 69 or by bicycle it is just 20 min away.

Iveagh Gardens

Popularly known as ‘Dublin’s Secret Garden’ this park is not as well-known as the previous ones, but it is located in the centre of the city, very close to St. Stephen´s Green Park, and its beauty is stunning.
It was designed by Ninian Niven, in 1865, and inside you can find a tricky maze with a sundial at its centre, some fountains, the rosarium and an exotic cascade which is, in my view, amazing.

Heritage Ireland: The Iveagh Gardens

How to get there?

located at Clonmel St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2 it is easily reached by bus, depending on where are you coming (check Dublin Bus website).



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