Best Instagram Hidden Spots in Dublin – City Centre

Attention Instagram lovers, this article is for you! If you have been living in Dublin for a while, I am sure that you have already taken a lot of pictures in the new city that you call “home”. Your phone or camera is probably full of amazing, super creative, selfies of yourself in front of the red pub in Temple Bar, giving carrots to the lovely and friendly deer at the Phoenix Park, or at the River Liffey with the Ha’Penny Bridge behind you. But you have to recognise that these kinds of pictures are very typical and every new student that arrives in Ireland takes the same pictures over and over and over again. You need to become more creative, guys!

Well, if you are wondering “how”, I am going to help you to find the best Instagramable hidden spots in Dublin City Centre so you will receive the highest amount of likes among your friends. However, an extra tip is that you should not forget that sometimes the place where are you taking the picture is not important, it’s the perspective you give it that matters An amazing spot is great, but your pictures will be better if you allow your imagination to run free.

Now, let’s discover them!

1 – Love Lane

This bucolic alleyway in Temple Bar hides a beautiful street art mural. It is a tribute to love, created by Anne Doran, which shows a beautiful wall full of love phrases from people around the world.

The Love Lane is a beautiful street art mural.
The Love Lane is located in Dubin’s heart. Photo by: @viqwolf

2 – Museum Building

We all know that Trinity College is an excellent location to take Instagram pictures. Who doesn’t have pictures in the Library or in the Campanile? However, there is a secret place that most people ignore: the Museum Building. It is a fine Victorian construction designed by Sir Thomas Deane; and it’s lovely!



Inside the Trinity College you can find one of the hiden places: The Museum Building.
The Museum Building is located inside the Trinity College. Photo by: @lawless_ireland

3–Porterhouse access from Grafton Street

If you try to access the famous Porterhouse Central from Grafton Street, you have to do it from a hidden street that is G-O-R-G-E-U-S! The small lights, plants and architecture create an enchanted atmosphere.

You can find the Porterhouse Lane nearest the Crafton Street.
If you visit the Crafton Street you will find this place. Photo by: @lunarieu

4 – Anne’s Lane

This small lane is becoming more popular, but we can still consider it an Instagram hidden spot. What is it peculiarity? Of course, the lovely suspended umbrellas, which create an amazing and magical effect in the sky.


In Anne's Lane you can find the colorful umbrellas.
The Anne’s Lane is one of the most beautiful places in Dublin. Photo by: @lovindublin

5 – Smithfield Square and Murals

Although it goes unnoticed, Smithfield is one of the most unique areas of Dublin. Within its surroundings we find a mixture of new and old architecture, artistic murals, the beautiful Jameson distillery and colourful lights throughout the square.

Smithfield is full of street art and is very close to the city centre.
The street art is characteristic in Smithfield, in Dublin 7. Photo by: @nolosoto

6–Grand Canal

Crossing the south of the city, the Grand Canal gives us several highly-photographed spaces, especially in the parts where the channel is divided into different levels. Unmissable place to take great photographs!


You can visit the Gran Canal in bike of just walking.
The Gran Canal connects all the city center. Photo by: @lunarieu


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