Age is only a number: it is never too late to start the adventure

No matter your age, it is always a good time to start the experience that can change your life. Here we tell you three stories of students of different ages and nationalities. Three adventures with the same goal: to prove yourself, to know new places and, of course, to improve your English.

Pilar is 18 years old, from Argentina and arrived in Dublin nine months ago. Before arriving in the capital of Ireland she landed in Spain, but decided to change course because she did not find so many opportunities to grow. For Pilar, traveling alone was never an impediment: “The advantages are too many: freedom, autonomy, being able to know yourself,” she confesses.

Mauricio and Alejandra in London.
Mauricio and Alejandra, enjoying their trip to London.

Mauricio is 31 years old, he is from Mexico and he arrived two months ago with Alejandra, his wife. Both chose Dublin to improve their English, travel across Europe and prove to themselves that they have no limits. For the couple from Guadalajara, coming together is an advantage, since they can support each other emotionally and economically. “Even if you come alone, you make friends very quickly,” he says.

Lúcia is 56 years old, is from Brazil and she arrived four months ago. Her main motivation has been to know different cultures and to learn the language, since, as she explains, at her age, many people already know how to speak English. “Not having that ability on my CV was a fault when I was looking for work in my country”, she says.

Pilar in one of the most beautiful lanes in Dublin.
Pilar was encouraged and posed for the camera of Alejandra Muñoz (@ferphotographycl)

Lúcia also chose this destination to be close to her daughter Lilás, who had already lived here for two years. “If you come with friends or family, you will have the emotional support you need for the adaptation process. But if you come alone you get this support from new friends in the classes “, she declares.

The family, friends, pets and typical foods of each country are some of the things that are most missed when deciding to leave the comfort zone and undertake new adventures. Along the way, there will also be some obstacles to overcome and that, while difficult will make each person stronger.

“I had to solve things at home or at work without so much specific vocabulary. For example, having to explain to the plumber what was the inconvenience or dealing with complaints from customers in the restaurant where I work, and without any doubt, I got over it”, says Pilar.

Lúcia enjoying her free time in Howth.
Lúcia, smiling, in Howth Bay.

For Mauricio, adapting to the Irish climate has been a great challenge, which according to him, is solved with a good coat. “You do not have to let fear stop you. You just have to face them. Then you will feel very proud of your attitude”, encourages Lúcia in the face of adverse situations.

In this sense, Pilar, Mauricio and Lúcia advise to leave behind fears and uncertainties, and undertake the experience of your life. “Beyond learning English, you learn to adapt to another culture, meet people and go through situations that make you grow a lot”, says Pilar.

“If someone is hesitating to travel, I would tell them to take a chance, that it’s worth it, and if they do not like it, they can always come back” -Pilar

Finally, the three students agree on the beauty of the landscapes of Ireland, among them, the Phoenix Park, Howth beach, Dun Laoghaire bay and Dublin’s city centre as their favorite places to visit and travel.


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